• What a marvelous idea
    What a marvelous idea. Catch the Sun's radiant light energy and convert it into electrical energy. It's nothing new of course. Nature has been capturing the energy in light for millions of years. Each leaf is a form of solar cell, producing energy for plants and trees to grow in a chemical process known as Photosynthesis.
  • Our Aim
    At Golden Gate Solar Tech, we aim to build a sustainable future for our global community. In today’s high-energy consuming world, we offer world-class solar energy and renewable products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.

    Our operational excellence and product leadership in the solar energy industry has enabled us to pioneer the distribution of new solar technologies and services. From the design room to product installation, the goal of our team is to provide an educational network and value chain, with customer service as our number one priority.

    Our forward thinking model includes the establishment of multi-national offices to better serve the emerging markets and developing nations around the world. At Golden Gate Solar Tech, we work to build and maintain a cleaner, energy-efficient world one satisfied customer at a time.